History of Swimming

What is the history of swimming.It started in 2000 BC ,but became an offical sport in the 1830’s.Competitive swimming became popular in the extremely late century.The goal of competitive swimming is to beat the competitors in any event.The sport became an Olympic sport in 1896.swimming has a big history.

Marine brother

My brother has gone off to the marines.I was blue when he left.When my brother was still here we’d have airsoft wars,play xbox,and watch movies together all the time.Me and my brother were the best of friends.
My brother was very helpful.When I needed help on my homework he would help instantly,because he always knew when I needed help.When I needed help on chores he would help me.When I was in trouble and I needed it he would help me.
My brother was very caring.On my brothers last day here at home he wanted to do something fun with me and my sister,so he took us to AirU for some fun.
My brother was very encourageing.When I was trying to do something and I fell he would always tell me to’’Get back up and try again’’.I wish my brother never would have left.

About Me

I am a awesome blader! My favorite TV show is bey blade. Bey blades are tops. My favorite food is hamburgers. My favorite sport is swimming. In swim you go to places like Dallas Austin and other places to compete. I have a bunch ribbons and medals.